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Text to Pledge

Text2Pledge is a fantastic program that works for all sized non profits, local charities, sports teams, or anyone even on the smallest budget. 

Set-up of Campaign

A Keyword Campaign is created with the keyword that the organization is going to promote to get Pledges. Advanced Features is selected on the Keyword Campaign and “Keyword Comments” are enabled on the campaign. 

The organization creates a KEYWORD and promotes it during events, on radio, through email and social networks, etc.

When the Potential Donor texts the KEYWORD to the shortcode, they get an automated response that states something similar to, "[Non-Profit Name] to complete your pledge reply to this Text with the amount you wish to Donate".

When the Potential Donor replies with the amount of the donation, they get an instant response describing how to complete their donation. This second message will be promotion dependent and might tell them to mail the donation to an address, follow a link to complete their donation on a website, walk over to Gate B where a booth is set-up to deliver donations, or even just a message stating that someone will be calling them to collect the donation.


During live events or periodically the Non-Profit organization can run reports in the platform and view the excel spreadsheet of comments and calculate total amounts of pledges. Some organizations even will report these amounts periodically during an event, and then re-encourage people to continue their pledges as a goal has yet to be reached.