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Church Alerts

Instant Communication to your Entire Group
How to use text message marketing for churches and faith groups?
Using the Servicepond Marketing web-based software, messages, alerts and reminders can be sent to hundreds (or thousands) of congregation members in minutes. Send out daily prayers, prayer requests, or any short, simple messages that help congregation members integrate faith into their hectic days. MMS offers a powerful, cost-effective solution.

Get the word out to your members
  • Set up separate groups for the entire congregation, church leadership, youth group, etc.
  • Send daily or weekly prayers
  • Notify people of what’s happening in your church
  • Instantly communicate last minute changes and emergency notifications
  • Announce food drives and volunteer opportunities

Engage your Youth Group with Text Messaging
Our web-based text messaging software allows you to reach out – directly and individually – to the youth in your community, using their most popular means of communication.

  • Connect with young members to engage in youth group activities
  • Involve parents – send updates during youth outings and events
  • Instantly update your whole group with event changes and cancellations
  • Easy to manage, free to get started.

​Mobile Website  for Churches
Your members are mobile, you need a mobile website! One click for members to call you, view worship times, see list of church events. It’s the quickest way to turn mobile visitors into active members.It’s complete – connects you with members anytime, anyplace, anywhere. Let us put your church on member’s mobile phones 24/7. It looks great on any computer and any device. We can get your mobile website created and launched quickly and can be updated anytime. It’s the most effective way to engage your mobile members!

  • Inform church members of the location with tap-to-map and integrated GPS
  • Update the congregation with upcoming church activities and events
  • Post information about your church through content pages
  • Include photos and of your church activities and events
  • Share information through integration with social media sites
  • Quick donation links for mobile giving
  • Replay recorded parochial messages by embedding uploaded videos on the mobile website
Mobile Fundraising--- Text To Donate

  • 95% of texts are read within 14 minutes
  • High coupon redemption rate -15-30%
  • Texts are preferred to phone calls - 3:2
  • 86% of people possess their phone 16 hrs/day
  • Email is the new snail mail!


  • High sponsor value
  • High value impressions
  • Real time, accurate data collection
  • High impact, low-cost marketing
  • Geographical and demographical user info
  • Promote interaction through text contests and trivia
  • Increase event attendance
  • Engage your communities youth, the future of your church
  • Instantly reach members of your church with critical information
  • Keep parents involved in church activities
  • Collect tithes and offering--Increase Donations


  • Youth group event reminders
  • Text Contests & Trivia
  • Event reminders, i.e. classes, food drives, fundraisers, etc
  • Prayer requests, inspirations messages, scripture readings, donation requests, etc.
  • Emergency alerts
  • Group notifi cations - practice times, upcoming events, etc
  • Text Voting & Polling with Text2Screen Live Results
  • Interactive Speakers
  • Live Surveying & Feedback