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Social Media Management
 Our platform which allows users to manage  and schedule their posts on their favorite social networks feeds.

Cross-channel marketing has evolved over the last few years and more marketers are realizing that getting the right message to the right channel at the right time is extremely important. There have been a lot of marketing agencies and individual businesses over the years making the mistake of blasting the same marketing messages across social media channels, email, and SMS at exactly the same moment. Users of receiving the same message at the same time grow annoyed and opt-out rates of all methods of communication begin to increase significantly

​True cross-channel marketing is more than syndication, it's scheduling the proper messages out into the future to the different channels with their own messages to drive awareness and ROI.

The Social Media Management tool built into the platform allows for the Client/Marketer/Reseller/Partner or end-user to login and schedule out their Facebook and Twitter messages at exactly the right moment.

Create the message, title it appropriately, add images or video, and schedule it for the exact moment you want it to post.

Facebook and Twitter scheduling can now be done in a flash and will not only save your clients time but improve their results,