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SMS Marketing

We offer a feature-rich, Web-based administrative tool to give businesses the ability to launch, manage and track their own SMS marketing campaigns. We offer a number of out of the box text messaging applications, allowing businesses and various industries to interact with mobile phone users and enrich their communication, marketing and advertising programs.
SMS Marketing Made Easy

SMS (short message service) text messaging is an exciting method of direct advertising for companies to engage existing customers and acquire new customers. An SMS Marketing campaign involves collecting mobile phone numbers usually by customer opt-ins using a keyword sent to a short code, which adds their number to a the  Mobile messaging platform database. Once numbers are collected, you can then prepare a special promotion or update and send a mass message to potential repeat customers.

SMS Marketing is one of the newest and fastest growing types of marketing due to the fact it offers low cost, high return on investment, and places promotions and updates in the pockets of potential customers. It is similar to email in cost, but offers much higher response rates as 95% of mobile phone users open and view text messages. Any business can benefit from text marketing from retailers offering a discount coupon to national brands engaging millions of customers. Mobile users like text messaging and 95% of all texts get opened within minutes, much faster than email and social media updates. The key is to execute correctly with express consent and an incentive to join and we have the expertise to develop a successful campaign for you.
Become A Mobile Marketer In Minutes!

We can get you started with SMS marketing faster than you can say, "Can you hear me now?" Think about this: 91% of the U.S. has a cell phone, 95% of cell phones have SMS capabilities, and, on average, text messages are read within four minutes. Are you seriously still contemplating going mobile?

Our SMS marketing platform allows you to quickly, easily, and economically implement mobile campaigns and spin your database into gold.
With Our Mobile Solutions, you can . . .

Use a short code to generate subscriptions without having to pay a high monthly fee to own and maintain it. Engage in a two-way interaction with your subscribers by asking them questions or placing a "call-to-action" in the message.
• Mobile Coupons to convert special offers into purchases.
• Text-to-Screen to let your audience interact with your brand.
• Shared Short Codes to quickly get your audience interacting with you
​• And more