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Mobile Websites
The growth and sophistication of mobile devices is changing the web landscape. Not having a mobile-optimized website means you are missing out on the opportunity to reach millions of mobile users. If you already have a website, turning it into a mobile-friendly site ensures that your website is readily accessible to mobile users around the globe.
Is Your Website Compatible For Mobile Devices?

At EDGE, our experienced mobile designers and developers can help you optimize your website for mobile browsing. From ensuring that your website operates properly on mobile platforms to taking care of all usability aspects including physical size of images, resolution and input capabilities, our talented team will make sure that your mobile website is the perfect extension of your corporate website.

Which Mobile Operating System Fits Your Business Website?

All Of Them Right?

What we recommend is not a specific Application for each platform, but a Mobile Website that is accessible on all the above platforms.

The Benefits are numerous:
• Makes it easy for your customers to reach you via a Mobile phone
• No inconvenient downloads required by your customers
• Easily accessible on any Mobile Browser
• Multiple development platforms not required
• Easy to update and manage

Our strategic design process guarantees that your mobile website meets all your requirements. Have us mobilize your website today.
Whether needing a mobile website or App for your business or interesting in reselling them to your customers, We provides 2 of the most robust content management systems CMS, for two different types of mobile builders that make it easy to create custom mobile sites, implement different features, integrations, and colors, and deploy for yourself or your customers in minutes.

Each of the two mobile website/app builders have their own unique advantages and either can be used on-demand to handle virtually any need of any client. From extremely custom Java scripts and integrations to choosing from a template and plugging in your content, images, and social networks with WYSIWYG editors, either builder will create custom mobile websites and apps that will rival or exceed what custom developers do for thousands of dollars.
Build your Mobile Website/App and:

  •   Get the instant QR Code and bit.ly
  •   Download the entire site after it is constructed to upload onto your server or domain. (m.yoursite.com)
  •   Grab the auto-generated redirection script and apply it to your server so that when anyone accesses your regular domain from any mobile browser it will automatically redirect them to the mobile site!
  •   Or even share the new site with your entire social network instantly with a click of a button!