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Mobile Donations

Double click here to add text.Driving donations is and has always been a database model. Today every organization utilizes a combination of mailing home requests, passing the offering plate, sending emails, and hosting events. Tomorrow's organization utilizes a much quicker and efficient model of getting people to Text a keyword to a shortcode to build a database quickly. When someone texts in to the keyword associated with the organization, they receive a Text (SMS) response instantly back to their phone carrying a link to their mobile website
 The potential donor texts the keyword to the phone number (shortcode) and receives back the instant response dictated by the organization with the link to the mobile site of the non-profit.

They are also saved into the database for future promotions! 
 The organization easily and quickly builds a databases during their events, services, through their broadcast media, and more. Many organizations also will have their potential donors fill out a short form via a handout or mailer that is then signed by the Donor authorizing the organization to send text messages to their phone. These numbers can easily be uploaded into the database for later requests for donations.

The key to the program is the ease of delivery of the mobile donation gateway. When the Potential Donor receives the text message response, or the text promotion sent to the database, no matter where they are they can easily click the link in the text message and are directed right to the mobile website of the organization
 The donor clicks the link and is redirected instantly to the Mobile website that has unlimited content, pages, images, colors, and details regarding the Non-Profit Organization.

From this site they can download the app icon, view information, or donate instantly! 
When a potential donor selects the "donate now" page they are then taken to the donation page of the mobile site. Here they can input their information, credit/debit card number, and input the amount they want to donate. They then hit submit and their donation is automatically processed with a receipt sent to them via text and email confirming their donation. The funds are quickly batched directly into the non-profit's bank account directly minus the normal credit card and small transaction fees. 
The donor selects the Donate page and is taken to a secure page to complete their donation. The donation is instantly processed and quickly deposited into the organization's bank account less normal credit card and small transaction fees.
Advantages to this system include:
  • The donor can save mobile website and donation portal as an App Icon on their Homescreen
  • Credit/Debit card information is saved via a "Remember Me" feature on the proprietary platform so future visits to the site/app merely require the Donor to input the desired amount of the subsequent donation and hit submit without having to have them re-input the credit/debit card information again.
  • The organization can send reminders to donate to their growing database of people at any time directly to their phones no matter where they are at the time for less money than conventional methods and with higher open, read, and donation rates of email or direct mail.

The donor can follow the simple instructions on the page on the mobile website instructing them on how to download the app icon to their homescreen. Now the Organization and their donation portal is simply a click away for any non-profit encouraging engagements and future donations!