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Mobile Coupons

What is an SMS Coupon?

The more than 20+ hours of archived training programs provided to AvidMobile partners outline in detail the 5 core components of any SMS couponing program as well as how to grow the databases for bigger coupon distribution lists and the critical elements to watch for to not lose customers.

An SMS/Text coupon is one that is delivered solely in the text itself. More than 50% of mobile phone users still do not have smartphones, and those that do often do not have unlimited data or have poor coverage. Placing a coupon on a mobile web-page will often decrease redemption rates. Giving the offer inside a text has the maximum reach of any other technology, highest open rates, and therefore the highest ROI. 
Philosophy of Mobile Couponing
Features of Text Coupons

No repeat hits – Once someone has texted in to receive a coupon and they try again, they get a customized "no repeat hits" message that can be created.

Capture email – Many businesses like to ask the customer to reply with their email address prior to delivering the coupon. The platform makes this easy and the emails can quickly be exported to the email service provider of your choice.

Blasted or Opted in – Either form of text coupons can be created inside the application within seconds and deployed.

Mobile Coupons from a Mobile Landing Page

As smartphone penetration continues to increase, the interest in mobile coupons that are graphically more appealing and have enhanced features continues to grow. Companies looking to deliver one-time use mobile coupons utilize our new out-of-the-box coupon creator.

Steps to mobile landing page creation:

  1. Upload the visual image of the coupon
  2. Fill in Promotion Description: (Example 25% OFF any Floral arrangement this weekend only)
  3. Provide Terms and Conditions
  4. Place address of business

 This creates a mobile coupon that can be delivered in a keyword campaign or a blast to an existing opt-in database. When delivered to the user, they simply click the link provided inside the text message or scan the QR code and are then taken directly to the mobile landing page.

From here the client sees a visual representation of the coupon and can click into an interactive map to find the closest location. Once they walk in and show the coupon to the clerk, the clerk or the client will push the redeem button and the coupon will be deactivated. This eliminates any possiblity that the coupon can be used again.

Coupon redemptions are then tracked back in the platform for later reporting. 
Businesses everywhere are looking for more economically and environmentally friendly ways of delivering their coupons. If those coupons also happen to have a 97% open and read rate, and redemption rates that approach 17% in some circumstances, that just makes them that much better!

As 92% of the population in North America have a cell-phone that is capable of receiving text messages and over 84% are regular texters, mobile coupons have the highest reach if they remain inside the SMS/Text itself. Running national campaigns for clients such as Pizza Hut, Round Table Pizza, Rawlings, and more, has confirmed the data in that a business will see higher returns sticking with SMS over mobile web. ​